Monday, July 24, 2017

"I saw that!" Karma

Just outside the front door at my daughter's house a sign stands as a warning. I says, "I saw that! Karma".

I often note the sign when we go into the front door. What did Karma see today and how is that going to change what happens next.

Well...somebody did something very good on Saturday. The sun, moon and stars were in alignment. We had an almost perfect party with family. I did lose part of the family on the walk to the pool.... Sigh! Stuff happens.

Water babies with Uncle Doug and Aunt Susan

Cousin Elena keep watch over little people. Bryson soon
shed his water wings and wowed us all.

Shay is a tiny 5 years old but she took to the water like she was an old pro.

Our beautiful teen did what she liked most...she read through the whole pool gig!

Then we went home, ate dinner and prepared for a serious game of water balloon tossing that disintegrated into a wonderous water fight. Even the smallest learned to get water out of the dog pool with a water gun. It was so wickedly disorderly. My grown children were allowed to take out revenge on each other! "That one is for running over me with the bicycle." etc. They were soooooo happy!
This little guy did not want to look at me to have his picture taken. It wasn't until a threatened to kiss him all over his face that he peeked. Sorry Brycen.
Granddaughter Alysia came with Embry, our great granddaughter. She had a much fun as anyone and her daddy gave her a marshmallow! Yum!
Uncle Doug's lap is always up for babysitting! 

The evening ended with a marshmallow roast.

I came back home, sat out back and unwound. The perfect place, time and summer breezes.

Have you had a summer party with family or friends? What was your favorite part?



Leave your thoughts...I am interested.

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