Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Advice on the Forces of Gravity

Yes, what goes up does come down. Although we all know it, sometimes the self evident gets forgotten. Case in point...don't throw a hammer in the air unless you are a very good catch.

Let's take the installation of a new light fixture for example. In this case, we are talking about putting something back up that came down. Gravity made the first part so easy that the second part didn't seem to be a worry.

I decided that I could do that! I could remove the exterior light fixture, clean it, spray paint it and put it back up. How hard could it be? I was thinking that I had scored a point in my accomplishment book as I removed the fixture. Gravity made taking that baby down a dream. I pulled the wire nuts off and it simply fell into my hands. Wow, that was easy or so I thought.

I cleaned, scraped the glass to a new glistening finish and spray painted the simply fixture black. It is so cute and looks almost new. Then I climbed on the ladder with the fixture and began attaching the wire nuts when I noticed there were more wired that there had been before (I thought). Did that light fixture breed and multiply over night? When I attached the wires the light came on...permanently.

Now my husband was watching over my shoulder wondering what the heck I had done. I got down and he mounted the ladder feeling a little smug I think. Again, how hard could it be. He untwisted wires, reattached wires and looked hopeful. We gave it a try but now nothing came on...nothing outside, nothing inside...absolutely nothing.  That was when we turned the electricity off so we could work it out. It appeared that the electricity was in charge and we weren't taking any chances.

A light flashed on in my mind...now I remember. Those black wired had a nut and were tucked inside with not attachment to the light, that black wire attached to the red wire. That white wire attached to the two white wires. Let there be light. We were up and running...a couple of hours later.

Is there a lesson? I never know for sure. Yes gravity still works. Yes is does pull down. Yes getting things to come down is a lot easier than getting them to go up. So there you have it.

Now ask me about the range hood. :)

Have a great day!



  1. After reading the title of this post, I thought I was going to read about the body parts that are in a race south! You are brave reattaching wires without first turning off the power. I've learned to take pause when I find myself saying - how hard can it be?

    1. Me too...it never fails that the universe with make me regret that thought!

  2. It's always much harder to put things back together than it is to take them apart. I learnt this at an early age with a clock . . . But nowadays, if you have a camera or smartphone, take a photo first! Especially when dealing with your TV, audio DVD and computer wires.

    1. Oh my gosh...you are so right. I find myself reaching for the camera more and more. Remembering how it looked before is just not going to happen.

  3. I once spent 2 hours trying to put up a chandelier by myself. I finally called my BIL an electrician to help. He told me to go in the fridge and get him a beer. By the time I was back the job was done. He told me that after the fiftieth time you've hung one of these it is pretty easy.


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