Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Life is An Easter Egg Hunt...a game for aging people!

Our new greatgranddaughter, Addie.
The perfect found Easter Egg.
My husband plays a very good game of golf. It really doesn't matter how old he is (almost 80), he is really good...but not every day.

The trick here is to make even those bad days pay off. In his world that is very important. On those bad days his ball may go anywhere; into the woods, the water or people's backyards. The preference is the woods or a hazard near the tee box. Strange huh!

See, he views those days as an Easter Egg hunt, the eggs being really good golf balls made by expense golf companies. He may not come home with any winning money but he comes home with a lot of golf balls. That makes him happy.

Life is very like a game of golf I think. As I age the Easter Egg hunt comes into play more and more often.

Life is not a beach but
it is pretty darn close.
The "Hunting for Words" game is one my friends and I play everytime we meet. It is kind of a mixture between Pictionary and Search a Word. My friend was talking about her granddaughter, a dancer and actor, applying for a job in Detroit this summer. The job was at a place, you know, one of those fun places where everyone goes on rides. There are hand gestures and facial experience giving clues to just the right answer. In a few minutes the answer will be found and we are both happy.

Let the games begin!

As we age, we accumulate more and more things. Now my husband and I live in two house with all together different tools to make our lives easy. We do the Easter Egg hunt game...a lot. Have you see that stud finder...you know the one that is yellow? or Where is the crock pot that will hold enough food for eight people when they come for dinner?

If the lost item doesn't turn up within a few minutes, we will look at each other and realize we don't have that here in Arizona/Oregon. It is in the other house.

See what I mean. Searching for the perfect place to live, the right tools to do a job or even the right words is what our life is made of daily. At times it is frustrating because, well, you know how you feel when you cannot find the car keys, your glasses or even the newspaper. It does keep
us on our toes.

My cup is full...it is not perfect...but it is full.

How is your day going? Questions anyone?



  1. Lol!! So true! Now, if only I could find where that golden egg is hidden...

    1. Keep me on your list of people to let know when you find that precious egg! I will send congratulations.

  2. Congratulations on your new Greatgranddaughter -- she is beautiful!
    I agree - life is not perfect, but I wouldn't trade mine for anything!

    1. Be either. I love everything about it...not that I am bragging! :)

  3. Congratulations! A good friend of mine has a duplex in a vacation city. One side is theirs and the other side they rent out to vacationers. She is with you on hunting what is where plus what does the rental need. For some reason her can openers, hand towels and glasses get stolen all the time from the rental. She has pretty much duplicated essentials for the vacation house because she got tired of the easter egg hunt!

    1. I hear you...why do people do that? We are considering renting out our Arizona home but I find the idea very scary...I like my stuff!


  4. Yes, let me also congratulate you on your beautiful addition to your family. I'm trying to get rid of things rather than keep buying new stuff. But I still do it. My intentions are good. :-)

    1. Our new to us house here in Arizona has given me an opportunity to shop. I found the most beautiful mid-century bar cart a few day ago at the half price end of the sale special. On that Easter Egg hunt I struck gold!

  5. Oh, yes, that Easter egg hunt. I try to limit the hunt to 10-15 minutes. I don't want to spend too much time looking for that thing that I put in the spot that I would never forget! I live alone so there's only one person who put it in that spot. Earlier this week, the "lost" scarf showed up at the massage therapist's office. It spent it's Christmas break there!

    1. My scarf/luggage/coat often get to go on vacation without me. Thankfully most things turn up. You made me laugh...I thought maybe your scarf had more fun over Christmas than you did. :)


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