Saturday, February 3, 2018

Did You Know and Kept it a Secret?

I remember the glasses I ever put on my face at the age of 19. For the first time in my life I could see the limbs on the trees and road signs. It was, in my world, an absolute miracle.

One head, two pairs of glasses...sigh!
But it seems that I still haven't found the perfect combination of eye wear. As a result, the thrill that I found in that first perfect pair of glasses is gone.

Right now I am wearing a single RX lens with no bifocals and I can see wonderfully...well except for the food on my plate or my reading book.

So, when I am at my computer I put on two pairs, one over the other. Did you know that if you put on your single RX glasses along with magnifying readers, your glasses become reading glasses? I didn't know that.

I was at the University bookstore the other day admiring all those gorgeous cheap readers that everyone else can wear. I put a pair on over the glasses that I was wearing and all of the title in front of my face popped into focus. How come no one told me about that?

I came home and dug out my readers I had purchased after cataract surgery when I truly believed that my vision might be almost perfect. Of course it wasn't, so the readers were put away and I bought even more expensive RX glasses. Now I find that those readers under my current glasses make my vision for reading wonderful.

Who knew? Have you know this and didn't tell me?


p.s. I am now looking at online website and thinking of ordering single vision glasses using my new RX. Any ideas?


  1. I just finished my cataract surgery last month and opted for close vision rather than distance, and then got a pair of distance lenses. I can now see pretty much everything just the way I like it, but I did order a pair of progressives so I'll have it all. Right now when I've got my distance glasses on, I cannot see anything up close. :-)

    1. Me either. Darn. I did order the magifying glasses and they will be here today. I hear you can get them at JoAnns because people that sew use them all the time. They clip over regular glasses.

  2. Well that is interesting. I have had more trouble with my eyes since cataract surgery two years ago than I ever had before. I never had to wear glasses except for reading before the surgery. Now, I struggle to see up close and that is really frustrating.

    1. You might give the readers a try! I think they will help.


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