Sunday, August 19, 2018

Did it All Happen in a Week? Time Flies!

Live from Hillsboro, Oregon:

This week was full. I don’t know exactly what happened but we are loving it.

We have decided to be a little more organized when it comes to the wineries we visit. No repeats probably ever...there are so many that we will never get to each and every one. Here in the Willamette Valley, wineries are all the rage and Pinot Noir is the big wine of choice. In fact at many wineries, that is about all the they have.

The week we visited two very good tasting room located about 10 minutes apart.

 The first was the Ruby Winery. They grow all their own grapes so the wine has a uniques flavor only their own. I for one loved it.
Ruby Vineyard

Then we visited the Ponzi Winery on the other side of a small valley. Of course Ponzi is a household name for those here in the valley that like is so glitzy. They serve some very good snacks including cheese trays with wine to accompany them. We took advantage of the whole thing and took some time to enjoy the view.

Ponzi Vineyard Grounds
We visited the doctor over on the eastside of Portland recently and then stopped at a bakery for a quick lunch. I loved this sign...thank heavens I read the small print!

Addie Jo doesn’t always smile but when she cries it is no surprise. She's been sick for a few days so we understand.

I do love the summers here in Oregon. :)




  1. Ah, wine tasting sounds simply lovely. I'll drink to that! Love that cutie, even with a tear-stained face. :-)

    1. We have such a happy and busy life! Thank you for coming by DJan.



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