Saturday, October 13, 2018

"Declan: Just put 'em the wash; they'll be grand." movie Leap Year or How-to Fix your iWatch

I did love that Leap Year movie. There were so many memorable quips to be quoted and a darling couple finding their way to love.

The joke line I loved best of all was "Just give 'em the wash, they'll be grand." In fact I suppose I have used that line more than any other I have ever heard from a movie.
I even washed the band.

Why? you ask. Well, I am the queen of spilled things. Once a waitress asked me how I could be standing beside the table in a booth before my full spilled glass of milked could run off the edge.

The answer was simple enough..."practice".  There you have it.

I cannot use bleach in the wash because a good "wash" will not take bleach marks out. In fact, most cleaning products contain bleach and I avoid those too.

But this last week I found out that giving my iWATCH, of all things, the wash can repair it. Did you know that?

My iWatch would not let me use what I called the stem on the side of the watch. I later found out that "stem" is not the right term. Apple calls that thing a "digital crown" ... I have no idea why. Searching for the totally wrong term on Google really does not work.

After a bit I notice that under all the recommendations that I call the Genius Bar at Apple or a certified Apple iWatch repair shop was a website that said "Fix your Apple iWatch yourself."  Could it be possible to fix it on my own? Really wouldn't that involve taking off the back and fiddling with whatever or whoever is inside there?

Reluctantly I found the website and read the article. Maybe I could save myself a trip to the Apple store and well, more money.

Imagine my surprise when I read the very short piece that explained that removing a leather watch band and holding the watch under warm tap water while turning the "digital crown" for about 15 second would cure the problem. Could it really be that easy?

People, you read it watch is shiny, looking almost new and works perfectly. How wonderful is that. It seems that giving "'em' the wash" really does solve lots of problems.

Come to think of it the watch is waterproof and can be worn in the shower. Hmmmm, maybe I could wash it more than once every 2 years.

Have a wonderful day.

Oh, and Google, it would be nice if, "self help" appeared
closer to the top of the page. It may tick off you advertisers but your users would like it a lot..


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