Friday, January 4, 2019

Dying: The Subject We All Avoid

This lady was very old and could
barely walk but she put on all her jewelry
and traveled around the west. I was
 fascinated with her attitude.
Aging is not easy. Getting old is a frame of mind. Young people try to wrap their mind around what to do and what it is like but fail. Old people like to ignore it. It is the subject we all try to avoid but sooner or later must face...dying!

My husband and I lived in a RV Resort in the winter for many years. We and our friends gathered very much like college students to reconnect and party or dance or play golf. We laughed and had happy hour every night. It seemed that we lived so close that we wanted to yell "Good Night John Boy" when we went to bed.

It was a very happy time, all-be-it much too short. But it did have to come to an end.

Year before last my husband and I decided to leave the park and find a small home with families and children and traffic. We were not ready to live with ghosts.

Within that time almost everyone in our RV neighborhood was gone. Some did not return because of ill health or simply by choice. Some friend committed suicide. One couple in their eighties divorced. Some, like ourselves, found a new place to visit in the winter.

But in the end, the reality was that our community of people was gone. New owners have moved in and not one original owner was left. The specter of the ghosts was too much for us.
In the end, our family members are
 our "real" friends. We count on them.

Aging is not easy but getting old is a frame of mind. You can move on if you are not ready to sit down and watch the world die around you.

And is is a subject not even I want to discuss. No candy glazing can change what reality is like. I miss those friends and neighborhood community.

I do need for you to know that I have good memories and my husband and I are continuing to grow and built new communities of friends. Many of our old friends remain close so that is good. We are happy.
Many of our friends are our children's age.
They are very important to us.

So, what do you feel about the way your life is going? Have you sat down to wait it out or are you going to make a few new beginnings?


But what I love most of all is watching the
children take on the big eating
the whole drumsticks in life.


  1. After living in the same house for 40 years my husband and I decided that it was time to face facts. The house was too isolated down a single lane track and we needed to be in a small community nearer but not on top of our family. We moved to a smaller but perfectly adequate modern house which we changed so that it is perfect for at least the next 10 years. The village has plenty going on with a church, village hall, pub, choir and various clubs. We have made friends and acquaintances in the village and feel happy and settled in our new environment. We continue to enjoy life and see more of our family both young and old. The secret is to adapt or change your circumstances to make life easier as you age.

    1. Perfectly said Catherine. My husband and I thrive on change. It has kept us interested and interesting. That is good.



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