Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Blogging Responsibility and Naked Spammers

So, I admit...I have neglected this blog. Sometimes I forget that there is indeed some responsibility that needs to be taken for anything that we own! A blog is much the same.

I came back today to visit after being in San Juan Puerto Rico for 8 days to find that the "naked/bad" spammers had been over to visit. I am kinda oldish and really don't want to advertise prostitutes or other such things. But...even though that is true those folks felt the need to post here anyway.

I don't imagine it gave them much business even though it did shock one of my commenting readers. At this point in my blogging experience, not much surprises me. I suppose it is a good thing.

So, stick around. Nothing is going on. I am fine and the world continues to turn.


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  1. There is a rash of awful spam hitting everybody's blogs right now from that prostitution spam from Mumbai to somebody who hates boomers and on and on. It's so aggravating. I've reported it to Blogspot, but it hasn't helped. Sigh... I guess we just have to remain vigilant. I've had to do comment moderation for any post more than 1 day.


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