Friday, September 20, 2019

Are They Liars or Just Really Interesting People?

Since Malcolm Gladwell came out with the new book Talking to Strangers my stories about all those people I meet while we are traveling are greeted with "Well that is so you suppose they were telling the truth?".

Are people by nature liars do you think? I often wonder. Having heard our wonky president being called a liar (because he probably deserves it) I wonder if all people are speaking in liars language.

See, it has occurred to me that we all are telling things that are not quite true. If you have ever been interviewed by a small town newspaper and then read the article written about that conversation, you know that the article does not say what the reporter was suppose to hear. Was that person lying? I don't think so.

In fact, I bite because of the title of an article only to find that the title does not reflect what the article says. I feel like I have been lied to.

Even in the case of our president whose mind is not as smart as it could be, he is not lying. He simply cannot get it straight. I suppose the news media is trying to get it right too.

Stories from people in resorts are fun... but true? Who knows.

You must know that I am not a suspicious person. I don't suspect people I meet in Las Vegas of lying about their life. Over the years I have visited with some really interesting people. In a post I wrote not too long ago I wrote about those people. I pay attention to people and their conversations about their lives. I suppose I don't really care if they are telling the whole truth or are stretching the truth. That is what humans do. It makes them feel better about themselves.

So have you run into a liar lately? I am interested.


By the way, I just ordered the Gladwell book in the hard copy. I love his writing.


  1. We just bought the book; haven't read it yet. People tell little social lies all the time; but hopefully they don't tell big ones or ones that really hurt people. But I can tell you one thing -- don't believe what anyone in Las Vegas says about how much money they supposedly won!

    1. Good idea Tom...Las Vegas encourages people to have fun and if telling lies as part of that fun well...there you go.


  2. Hi Barbara! Catchy title on this one! And I haven't read Gladwell's new book although I too enjoy his writing. As far as lying goes, I don't think most people intend to lie or not tell the truth...but what I do believe is that we all filter the information we share and then do our very best to make ourselves look the way we think we ought to. I've read a lot about brain studies and it says over and over again that we are "meaning making" creatures and that we'll do anything to make that meaning and tell that story in a way that works for us...including lying to others AND lying to ourselves. Very interesting topic! ~Kathy


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