Saturday, September 28, 2019

tic toc tic toc

A couple of years ago  my husband decided to do something we had talked about for years but thought we were too old to do. Too late, too old, too sad!

Upon awakening from a dream I turned to my husband and he turned to me and said, "Well why not? We are not getting younger. And if we live for many more years, if we don't, we will not have done what we want AND we will just be ten years older! Very like the person that decides to finish college at 65, what difference does it make! I want to do it.

Have you ever done that?

Our decision was to move money from one piece of real estate and invest it in another...our very own fixer upper. At that time I was 74 and my husband was 78. Too old...? Well maybe.

As it turned out our dream was a blessing...and a lot of very hard work...but it was our dream so we just did it. There was really no financial risk and that was good. That is always our one caveat...we only spend what we can afford.

The little townhouse we bought is in Tucson. It was owned by an original owner, had not been updated much but the bones and systems were in good shape.

A friend of mine said when she walked through the semi finished product that for the first time in her life she was actually envious. It was the ultimate compliment.

She too was feeling the "tic toc tic toc". She will be 80 this winter and her husband is 5-6 years older than her. They just bought a much nicer town home near their golf course. Wow! Isn't that wonderful?

The question people is "How late is too late?" or "Is it ever too late?"


salvaged bath...after



  1. As you've proved ... it's never too late to follow a dream!

  2. Hi Barbara! Good for you and your husband....and thank you for a reminder we all need. It's so easy to get settled into our "comfort zone" and not reach out for something new. I just learned that I one of my deeply held core values is "achievement." In other words I like to take on projects and when I get them done...I ALWAYS feel better. You have every right to be proud of your achievement. I sure would. ~Kathy

    1. Kathy, I even get that feeling of accomplishment when I sweep the floors. Life is not about the big things is is always about those little steps that we take each day.

  3. Well...compared to you I am young (ish) no disrespect at all!!! are my moms age and she is pretty amazing!! Here I am at 56 and I wanted to get a puppy. I've wanted one for years but we have just always put it off. On May 24th 2019 we bit the bullet and picked up Tank. He is a Country Retriever (part Golden Retriever and part Cocker Spaniel). He is the love of my life...well, next to my husband, kids and grandchildren and not necessarily in that order :) Anyway, when we got him we heard some really awful comments from our 'friends' ...I think I need to trade some of them in...seriously! Comments such as "are you nuts, you'll have that dog till your 70" "OMG there goes your hardwood floors" "do you really want wet dog smell in your house after the rain" and the icing on the cake was "why don't you just poke your eyes out with needles" SERIOUSLY? Well....let you tell all ya'll...Tank is the best decision we have made in a very long time. He has brought so much joy into our lives even with his wet dog smell after the rain and my now daily dirty floors! Obviously he is a game changer, but we are blessed to have him and I can only pray that I DO have him till I am 70!!! So in my's never too late! Just go for it!


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