Saturday, January 4, 2020

Making it Up!

See the deal is I am 78 years old...I say that a lot because wrapping my mind around the reality of being a little bit old is just not happening. There you have it.

My husband was talking about a study he had read about on how people react to their age. It was a long study of a small group of people that are all dead now. Everyone of those people were content to let go but worried about their children being sad..all but one.

That one man that  I could relate to was not ready to die at 95 because he had stuff to do! He was a creative person that still had not lost the desire and will to create. I liked that a lot.

I suppose living a very long life can be boring in some ways. How many times do you get up in the morning and repeat the same routine day after day and finally think ENOUGH! I understand.

Still, if there is anything we can do to get us over the hump, I am very interested...not just for myself but for you too. That is where Kathy Gottberg comes in. She and her husband are very conscious of what there 365 days a year in our life is like and write a blog called Smart Living 365. Today they were launching a new VLOG on YouTube that captured my attention. The subject was the new year and what we can do to make 2020 a good year for you and me.

The first section was about making it up. Kathy pointed out that we get to make our life up each and every day. We get to decide what our attitudes will be. Life will, in fact, turn out the way you predict it will. I have always believed that in our lives it is not what happens but how you respond to that "what".

We also get to decide what to do each day...escaping the routine and even the boredom. Think about it. What if you just went to the library instead of sitting down at your computer and maybe even stopped in to a coffee house and had a a table and talked to other people. Life is interesting is you take a look around.

Making it up was only the beginning. And there was so much more. I really don't want to tell it all. Please go over and will not regret it. After all, if we do not embrace change and challenges, our ship is sunk. 

Thank you Kathy.

What kind of a day did you create for yourself today?



  1. Hi Barbara! You NAILED it exactly! You explained, "You Get To Make It Up" better than I did :-) I so appreciate you letting me (and the world) know that what we said in our vlog made sense and encouraged you to stay YES to life and throw in a little adventure. And isn't it wonderful that we can encourage one another -- even those we've never met in person --and just keep sharing our gifts with the world? Thank YOU for giving me a lift today. Oh, and one of my favorite quotes is Jimmy Buffett who sang, "I'd rather die while I'm living than live while I'm dead." Let's keep doing that as long as we can, huh? ~Kathy

    1. Absolutely...and wisdom from Jimmy Buffet is the best!


  2. That's so cool to hear about Kathy's Vlog. I will have to check it out. You're right about getting away from the computer. As writers we can be isolated and that's not a good thing. There's always something new to do and see when you get out in the world.

    1. Writing require experience and not just at the keyboard. Life is what we need everyday. Thank you for stopping by.



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