Monday, March 23, 2020

What to Do, What to Do...back to China, Small Businesses and More!

Has it really only been 3 months since the Chinese notifies WHO of the Coronavirus outbreak? It seems like a lifetime to my family. Here is where we are now.

I try not to think about the past too much...yes I know, if we don't remember the past we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. The mistakes, of course, are the problem. They cannot be undone. Words cannot be pulled back into our mouths unsaid and we cannot un-know what we know.

I think that is the problem right now...the un-knowing. Wouldn't you agree? For example, can we un-know that press conference where a NBC reporter asked our president to comfort those that afraid and was told what an awful person he was. I cannot un-know the last presidential debates nor can I even wrap my mind around how to make the foreboding go away.

These incidences are a snap shot of what our leadership is like. Scary, huh?

So, just finding a way to move forward is the best answer I guess. But what to do...what to do.

My oldest son has just returned to China and in living in a Hong Kong 4 star hotel in a room that he describes as a cell. He will stay there for 2 week in quarantine until the China official decide that he is not sick. Then, hopefully he will be allowed to re-enter Shenzhen where he works. He has two dog, an apartment and an organization with employees waiting. I keep my fingers crossed for him. His wife and our two granddaughters remain in Portland.

My youngest son is a small businessman. He and his wife are experts in the Portland Oregon metro area. The governor in that state has ordered the population to shelter in place. The mortgage must be paid as do the utilities. They have three children at home and three grown children that are struggling themselves. My husband and I watch and wait to see what we can do for them. The mortgage must be paid. Banks will do the worst in this type of situation. But if there is no declaration of emergency, no financial aid is available from our state or the feds.

In the case of our government not taking action, what I see is that corporations need help or our economy might collapse. But most importantly, if my past experience serves me right, bank will foreclose, people will loss their homes so we will see an already burgeoning homeless population grow even more. The little guys need the most help short term.

So even as we look to the future, it is not good.

BUT, what if a miracle happened, a vaccine could be found sooner rather than later and within a short period of time we can go on with our lives. China is reopening schools now. The epidemic is receding and those that have recovered must be going back to work.

In an article published in the Guardian the evidence pointed to December 31, 2019 as the date that the Chinese notified WHO of the outbreak of a pneumonia in Wuhan. The disease was identified as Disease X at that time. It has since been identified and Coronavirus Disease. That was less than 3 month ago.

So I am hopeful that we can do what the Chinese did....shelter in place. SHELTER IN PLACE! If your city does not feel like a dead space, you are not doing it. Stay at home.

Ok, I have a confession. We are having a hard time doing that here in Arizona. Other than restaurants closing it is pretty much business as usual. People are afraid (sorry President T.). Hoarding is terrible here and nationwide. We need some leadership and reassurance.

But SHELTER IN PLACE IS WHAT IS NEEDED. If we don't do what the Chinese did and close the world down around us nationally, what is the point. There is no "wall" between states and viruses do no respect borders.

Just saying. Any thoughts?



  1. I hear ya big time. Sorry that you have such a direct link to China, I know that has to be very worrisome. I'm in Ohio, and believe our Governor was one of the first to declare a state of emergency, to have daily briefings, and to close schools, bars, etc and issue Stay at Home Orders. Our Dr. Amy Acton is fantastic. You might enjoy listening to the daily press conferences, at 2 pm, though they said they wouldn't do one today, Sunday 29th unless there was a significant change in information. They have been very strong in the leadership, thankfully other states Governors have to. We certainly have gotten nothing of note from Washington. He only finally admitted there was a problem after many states were already in lock down. I fear he will cause more damage, more loss of life, more illness if he really does try to open things up. I'm hopeful that the Governors will unite against him. I've been ordering groceries on line so I can avoid the stores. My Dad age 94 is in assisted living. A few times a week we do a small video visit with the help of the staff since he too is under lock down. Hubby has been working at home for 2wks. I get angry when I see people on tv going out and about like nothing is new or different. I get ashamed of so many young people so filled with disdain they say they don't care if older people die. I believe I read China was going to open travel again, but then quickly shut it down, as they had 4 people test positive after it was thought they were cleared...having a negative test. No one still knows if in fact those affected that survive will be immune. Dr. Fauci seems to think so, but admits no one really knows. Hang in there, visit people by phone, by blogs, by video if you can. Wash your hands of course and please take care of yourself.

  2. Popping back in to say hi, and hope things are going ok for you. Making my blog rounds.

  3. I also live in Arizona and am amazed at the posts on our local town facebook page..people asking “Where can I go for a hike?” And no one wearing masks . (Though I know that the virus goes RIGHT THROUGH the masks we are wearing..) People out walking around our beautiful Riparian Park which is still open.. it only takes ONE COUGH OR SNEEZE.. I also worry about the future.. obviously, people are going to lose their homes, some people will not go back to work.. I have to just stop my thoughts so I don't go off too far in that direction.,We will have to go forward the best we can. I expect this will be a “depression” and we will change like our ancestors did. In the ways we have to.I don’t see society returning to the way it was.. on a daily basis, I’m keeping busy,meditating,praying, exercising. But there is a hum of worry inside, and some mornings it wakes me up at 3 AM.


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