Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hiding Our Light Under a Basket

Do you hide your light under a basket? In fact, are you so unobtrusive that no one really knows how you feel or what you believe...and is that a good thing?

Living as we do today in a world where everyone is letting "it all hang out" staying below the radar becomes increasingly hard. The thing is, we are deciding if we care about another person based on their political beliefs. We make the assumption (bigoted in many ways) that if a person is a part of a group that they embrace everything that the leaders of that group propose. Is that fair? Really, we need to stop and think.

Being open minded and staying quiet is very difficult when a group of people want us to all be socialist and another locks children in cages. What happened to the middle? What happened to being disagreeing graciously and accepting that we don't know it all and never will?

So I propose to you that if you, like I am doing today, sit down and write what you are and what you believe, you will find that the middle ground is not so bad and diplomacy works a lot better than anything else. Let your light shine but in such a way that you allow for other's opinions to be valid. Help...just help.


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