Monday, November 9, 2020

Do Your Eye's Feel Naked

 Note: I always wear the mask in public because it protects YOU from me. I hope you will do the same to keep me safe.

This bit about wearing a mask is just plain weird. I have traveled to the Middle East where women wear "veils" when they are in public. In many of those cultures woman have always covered their face. 

I have noticed that a woman's beauty cannot be hidden even in those circumstances. Their beauty remains in their eyes and their elegant hands. I think that in many ways those veils not only protected them from the sun but also from blowing wind as well as too much attention. While the veil in itself is lovely, the eyes that appear above the cover are simply gorgeous.

So, when I began wearing a mask in public all of the time, I began to see why those women valued the appearance of their eyes. 

It is a loss of identity that bothers me. Learning to smile with our eyes and a head position takes training and attention. In fact, even my voice is muffled. It is as though humans as we know them are invisible.

How does wearing a mask make you feel? Do you feel safer or do you feel smothered?



  1. I am very blessed because my MIL has sewn 20+ masks for me, using expressive fabric. I have one with No. 2 yellow pencils (I am a teacher), one with stain glass windows of the HP houses with Ravenclaw (my house) centered, three will fall themes, one with road signs including Route 66 signs (she lives in OK off the old Rt 66), and so on. People in stores stop me to comment on my masks. And then I try to practice the America's Next Top Model "Smize" H/T Tyra Banks. Thanks for bringing up this salient topic!

  2. I always wear a mask when I'm in public. It will get this thing over faster and many of them are so creative. It's a fun way to express yourself and it keeps us safer.

  3. I've noticed some of the most beautiful eyes above the mask....


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