Tuesday, August 24, 2021

So, what did you expect?

We bought an extended warranty for our dishwasher. Lucky us, I thought. because the warranty on the machine ran out in May. So being the wonderful most expensive best rated kind, of course it began acting up. It would only work on the super duper big 4 hour cycle. 

I called the warranty company and woke a person up from their sleep to ask for help. It was 12 noon so a bit early I guess. I have no idea what they said because I couldn’t hear them and they mumbled for about 30 minutes as they took down all the information, numbers etc. In the end,  I leaned very close to my phone even though the sound was coming directly into my hearing aids and she may have said that someone would call me within 3 to 5 business days to set up an appointment…I hung up.

My dishwasher has been running 4 hours everyday so my dished are REALLY clean. The glasses sparkle and even the food that is left on is sterile. We lived through the weekend and then waited all day Monday for a call. Only 4 more days before I call again.

We are not hopeful they ever will but then we paid for a warranty so there is that.

In the mean time the dishwasher has resumed working just fine. Hopefully it was just a glitch! But I wouuld bet good money that if I don’t get someone to check it and cancel the service it will not work next week. 

By the way, it was the computer panel that malfunctioned…of course.

How’s your week going?



  1. Dear Barbara, last week went well. Thank you for asking. Today is shaping up to be a little cooler than this past week. For myself, I made a decision last week that has diminished the stress I was feeling about my writing. I've been working, off and on for nearly two years, on a childhood memoir and I just can't seem to find the thread to hold it together. But last week, I decided to let go of my stubbornness about continuing with something that seems to be going nowhere. So I'm going to work on other writing projects. I'm looking forward to that, feeling relieved and excited. Peace.

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