Thursday, July 21, 2022

What Did You Promise Yourself this Morning?

My Flowers this Morning

Do you promised yourself that there will be a time to write? After the floor is clean and the dishes are washed and the bed made and you have gone for a walk? Do you promise yourself?

It is finding the part of my thoughts that I want to share...honestly people the list of done things in a day are not...inspiring or interesting. What I had for supper, how my driving was today (no horns honking or even how many hours sleep I had last night.) What is a girl to do?

On Women of Midlife I read several blog posts that interested to buy a cocktail dress after the age of fifty. It was interesting but the cost of those dresses made me gasp. I dress in an inexpensive slip dress from Target with a simple top I purchased many years ago. I think I look good but who knows. (Women of Midlife is a private group on Facebook....want to join other women over 50? Let me know)

Dianne Tolly wrote about her now grown son's childhood temper tantrums. Now I can relate to that one. Raising children stories are funny after the child is 50+...not so much at the time but later, well,  her story was very funny!

I don't remember what the third one was and that is not what we are going for at all.

But that trail of blogs led me to Elephant's Child blog. Her photos are beautiful. I have been reading the Elephant's Child blog since I began writing many years ago. Taken from Rudyard Kipling's book of the same name the the web address is names "my just so story". I like that a lot. Some of us have been at this for a very long time. 

What did you think about writing this morning? I need some inspiration and I promise I will not steal your idea. (Yes I do look on Pinterest so there is that.)


I promised some time writing this morning. In fact I even copied a prompt yesterday so that I might have a place to begin. When I woke this morning I looked at the list:
  • earthy
  • sonorous
  • corn
  • paste
  • twig
  • Madeira
Nothing clicked with me at all. Maybe you can use it. Sigh. The post you see is what I came up with.

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  1. I'm not writing today. Now I only write when something occurs to me that has to come out.


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