Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Letting Myself Go! Yikes


Yes, I did go out in public looking like this. It was my birthday so cut me some slack

I know there is more to life than owning a dog…but she sure is cute and keeps me happy. However I may be letting myself go because she loves me no matter what.

I looked in the mirror this morning. Imagine my surprise when an white haired old lady wearing a red plaid shirt and flowered pants returned my gaze. She had on teal green socks with black tennis shoes and her hair…oh my goodness.

I knew I had to come up with some excuses for my appearance just in case someone rang my door bell by accident. Heaven forbid that I should go make myself look decent. So after some thought and considerations here is what I came up with:

  1. I am so embarrassed. I had to get up very early this morning for a yoga class. I dressed in the dark.
  2. Oh I know I look at mess. All of my clothes are in the washing machine/dryer.
  3. I am waiting till later to shower so I put on what was handy.
  4. Sick…I feel ill.
  5. My glasses went missing.
  6. When I came to Arizona, I didn’t bring the right stuff. (So very true.)
  7. It is very cold and this is what keeps me warm…the truth so this one is very convincing.
  8. I just don’t care what you think. Come on in and lets drink wine.
  9. I lost my clothes. They have gone the way of all my single socks.
  10. Don’t look at me that way…
    I am old!!!
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  1. If you decide on #8, let me know and I'll stop by!

    1. Come on down. Happy hour is anytime after 4:00 pm. :)


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