Sunday, March 19, 2023

Even the Birds Noticed!

 I have a bird feeder. It is a 4 story wonder with little “windows” around the outside that let the birds get at the food. Those little windows have balconies that the birds that stand on while they gorge themselves. 

But there was a problem…one of the windows fell out somewhere this winter and evidently disappeared into the soil. The fact that I didn’t notice until I was filling the feeder the second time is not relevant. But still a bit funny. Anyway, when I noticed the hole I went to my duck tape stash and grabbed a roll. I really didn’t notice that it had a zebra design on it until a piece was applied over the hole.

The feeder was filled and it was hung in my mesquite tree so my precious birds could feast away.

Now I may have not noticed that the hole was covered with zebra duck tape but I can tell you for sure the birds noticed. It turns out that birds are very suspicious of zebra striped duck tape!

For reasons I cannot explain, I just thought you needed to know!

Have a great day.


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