Friday, March 24, 2023

On Wearing My Prom Dress…

The Gold Lame prom dress! I wore this dress
To a college dance where my boyfriend (future husband) was a
Student. It was a big deal

 Yes I still one of my prom dresses in my closet. It is a little lace gold lame number. I wore it to a high school prom in Huntington Oregon, pop 600 in 1958. My boy friend, later my husband, liked to be with me when I had a dress like that. I just liked to wear it as though it really was a part of my small town world.

Now I am 81 years old and on most day I would still dress in a “prom dress”. I simply love beautiful clothes and, well, anything that is beautiful in my eyes.

I was with a group of women on Thursday walking through the Mission Garden here in Tucson. It is a Native American garden with beautiful flowers ( red penstemon and orange sage). We all breathed the clear air and watched the skies over head for clouds bearing rain. It was chilly.

A snack and some conversation followed the slow walk. One of the women is a recently retired teacher from the Midwest. She and her husband are permanently living in Tucson. The weather (of course) came up. Were we dressed right? As women will do, she remarked that she would wear a t-shirt and shorts everyday if it weren’t so cold. 

“I would wear a prom dress everyday if I could.” Was that me saying that? As it turned out, yes it was.

It grew very quiet as each of those women searched their minds for an answer. One finally
asked if I still had my prom dress. And you know the answer.

Did you love your best dressy dress when you were young or does the one you have in your closet do for you and you would prefer shorts and a tshirt?

Just a thought.


*Note: Now you must know that what I was really saying is that I would put on a beautiful outfit every day…a tshirt would be saved for when I cleaned the toilet or mowed the lawn. While I do wear blue jeans and tshirts, it is not a preference…it is an act of fitting in with the rest.


  1. There was a time, a long time, when I just loved clothes, loved shopping for them, accessorizing them, and wearing them. Now I'm all about comfort.

  2. Hmmmm...I've never been someone who dresses up. I had two sisters, one, in particular, who did. But I was happy just being comfortable. I appreciate, though. What a lovely dress! -Diane Tolley

  3. I also love beautiful clothes and I feel my best when I’ve pulled together a good outfit from top to bottom.


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