Monday, August 6, 2007

Restaurant Deals in Portland/Orenco Neighborhoods

Oreonco Opinions is always trying to find new ways for you to enjoy life in the community. We have discovered a couple ways to dine out without distroying the bank book!!! Interested?

The first is a website that is related to Golf 503 called Dine 503. Dine 503 is a website where you buy certificates to eat out. You will, for example, pay $25 for a $45 certificate at a restaurant called Mint 820 located on Russell Street on the east side of the Willamette. It is off Interstate near Legacy Emanuel Hospital. You need to buy two entrees per gift certificate. You are allowed two certificates per group/table. Of course, reservation are recommended. We used this a while back and had a wonderful time.

*Note this restaurant is just a short walk east of the Gasthaus Pub home of the Widmer Brothers Brewing. We think a Max Line runs up Interstate if you wanted an adventure AND a lot of fun!!!

The other dining option that we use is the Passport Unlimited card. This card allows you to dine at the Orenco Grill, Alessandros, Lucy's Table, Monteaux and many more. While the cost to purchase the card is more than the Entertainment Book and we can not find a way to use it to raise money for charity, it does allow you to dine over and over at the same restaurant all year long. For the most part the quality of the restaurants seems to be above average. We think it more than pays for itself. It could be that business owners can get a special deal by buying a certain number of cards. Check it out!

We hope you are planning to attend the Condo Association Meeting at the pool tonight. And don't forget the Tuesday Market/Art Walk tomorrow from 6-8 pm. See you soon.

*another note: We do not accept money for any reviews we publish. We also do not take any responsibility for whether you have a good time or not. You will have to make that happen yourself. Read the quote in the sidebar about the difference between an adventure and an inconvenience.

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