Friday, May 23, 2008

When the Conspinkey Doesn't Work

Once in a while we just need to have some fun!
Conspinky junk?

a Conspinky performance?

[Fiction] Friday #56

A voice could be heard in the back of the Corner Car Filler and Grocery Store.

Floybership it! Ratyronter it! When the conspinkey is not workiang the whole place just goes to jaddenramp! I can't get the intooler, or the upsticken to work and for sure the poopdropper is never going to flowup. It does not make my day any easier when my ousernlaw shows up lipcurling and regumming. If the conspinkey is on the fritzenshut I am giubg for the grambelingston! Is that upfousten or downfistering? Who cares.

Take that English Language.


conspinky on ice?


  1. New blog Barb?

    My goodness me - you've just bashed the English language sometime into next century. Trying to pronounce those words in my head ... argh! Harder than reading Irvine Welsh.

    More Etta soon?

  2. Just thinking also - if your conspinkey can come on ice - it would help to wash down Annie's conspinkey that comes as a marinated raw fish eaten in contests!

  3. One last thing from me. i'm starting a new writing prompt. Details are here. I'll be putting up a linking post on Monday. There's a short discussion in the comments section of this current post about what tacks to use in attacking the prompt. I guess in time it will work itself out!

  4. Hello b ~~ Nice to meet you and I am glad you found my blog and enjoyed it
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes,
    that was nice of you. There are quite a few of we elderly folks who have grandkids and even great grands.
    So we have a lot in common. You are very welcome to visit again. Take care, Cheers, Merle.


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