Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tucson, Arizona's...The Pines Golf Club a golf course.

We played golf yesterday at a course located in Marana, Arizona (just northwest of Tucson). The Pines Golf Club was built on the site of an older golf course. It has been revamped to snuggle among the rocks and waters of an old gravel pit site. The natural part of the landscape has stayed unchanged remaining in it's natural state inside the quarry. But on the rim surrounding it, the well maintained golf course is manicure beautifully. Before many years beautiful homes will surround the greens and fairways. ( You can catch a glimpse of the first home on the rim over looking the quarry in the upper right hand of the picture.)

My husband located our tee time on EZ Links where he "bid" on the price. We paid about $35 for our rounds of golf. We had a wonderful game of golf, saw rabbits, Road Runners, and Quail while the temperature hovered around 75 degrees. AND we were back in the RV park in time to watch the rest of the Arizona/Philadelphia football game. It was a golfers perfect day.

Arizona is the land of the Road Runner. Yes, Wiley Coyote is alive and well. He is a carnivorous little beast and will eat anything that has blood I am sure. People here feed them hamburger. The one you see here was staring at me, looking hungry. But he/she already had a lizard in the beek!

Later that evening that evening we went to Frank/Fransiscos Restuarant where we ate Mexican food and I snapped pictures. (The restaurant's claim to fame is that two restaurants share the same building. I think they serve the hot dogs for lunch! I don't recommend the place but I did get some good pictures.) All in all, a delightful Tucson day!



  1. Hi,

    Sounds like you had a great trip. I wanted to thank you for booking your tee times at ezlinks.com.


  2. EZ links makes golf for senior affordable. Thank you for the service Jeff. We have come to depend on links like yours.



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