Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Act Like You Are 125 years old!!!

Okay, I will say it one more time...GET UP OFF THAT CHAIR AND GO GET SOME EXERCISE!!!! My goodness, I should not have to tell you more than once!!! How old are you anyway? You're acting like you are 115+! Don' t do that!

There are so many places we can go to get moving. Yoga, gyms, local hospital wellness centers. Pick yourself up and move. Curves is my torture of choice...I go out the door in clothes off the closet floor, wrinkled and maybe a little dirty. My shoes are suppose to be clean so I take the pair I am going to workout in and wear another pair there. My shoes are clean always. =). I don't think about it...I just get up and go! For me this is the only plan that works. If I think about exercise or what I need to do on any given day, I will not go! If I do that very often someone needs to yell at me...GET UP OF THAT COUCH AND GO EXERCISE!

Curves has helped me in ways I cannot even explain. I stand up straighter. Getting into and out of chairs is easier and turning over in bed...or my goodness I did not realize what a flopping walrus I has become! I am sure any exercise program would do the same for you.

It's fun, it's invigorating, it's not too expensive and it's our only choice. Exercise now or DIE!!! Yuck! Even exercise appeals to me when it is put that way.

Have a nice day!


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