Wednesday, May 13, 2009

St. George, UT and Wikenburg, AZ Shopping

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Do you score some good stuff when you travel? Do you just drop into a shop that looks cool from the outside and do some aisle surfing? Do you look for great bargains or are you the kind of person that is will to spend a fortune for a memory piece of art? Whatever your style may be, travel holds opportunities for your shopping habit.

While my husband and I were traveling home I had the chance to visit a couple of shops that caught my fancy. The first was a shop names Salsa in Wickenburg, AZ. Located in a block that featured a saddle shop, the store was a mixture of old and new items. Gently used clothing hung near a pile of fabric roll ends. That was where I found my first treasure. I had looked for years for the perfect bark antique stored, fabric store, and on and on. When I stepped into Salsa there was that piece of cloth. I purchases 2 yds of the material for a table cloth and it is perfect.

In St. George, UT, I discovered a shop called Urban Renewal while searching for local history. I am a blog writer after all. My husband I parked in a lot just off St. George Blvd. because it was close to Brigham Young's summer house and a local LDS church and Temple. I just wanted to take a few pictures. My choice to step into the Urban Renewal shop turned out to be serendipitous . The store features consignment items, new decorating items and clothing. I purchased a pharmacy lamp that had been consigned to the shop. It has found a home along with the bark cloth table cloth in my dining room here in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Both items were priced well below what I would have spent here in the Portland, Oregon metro area. After all I am the traveler that is always looking for a great bargain.

If shopping is your gig and you know what you want and like, travel shopping may be just the thing for you. If nothing else, you will have bragging rights!!

Have a wonderful journey!


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