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Portland, Oregon...river front dining for the out of town visitors!

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River Place on the Willamette River is located very close to the core of the city. Portland is one of those beautiful places that reflects its location. Bridge Town is the nickname locals have chosen for this little gem of a big city. The downtown area faces the Willamette River. A wall built to protect the city from the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean tides allows Naval Vessels to dock on Tom McCall Waterfront Park during the Rose Festival. Bridges open to allow tall sailing vessels approach the city and locals use the waters for water skiing, fishing and pleasure boating.

Image by Barbara Torris
This last Saturday my husband drove downtown for dinner. We had chosen a restaurant in River Place before hand so we were not faced with all the choices for dining once we arrived. It was not the best restaurant I have ever eaten at but the location....WOW!! We sat outside on the sidewalk so we could watch people and the parade on the river. On a warm summer evening it is the perfect place for outdoor dining. In the winter month indoor seating allows for almost the same view at most of the restaurants up and down the promenade.

Mccormick and Schmick's has a wonderful restaurant here with outdoor seating under umbrella and is a very popular place on the weekends. Even though this is a chain, the restaurant originated in Portland so the menu reflects the food available locally. AND they have a wonderful happy hour which appeals to senior's for obvious reasons. It seems we like smaller portions, would prefer to eat a little earlier and the prices??? ...ridiculously low.

We have driven over the freeway that you see in the background many times. I have always wondered if the noise was deafening down below at the marina or the promenade that follows the water front. I was surprised when I realized that we could not hear it at least not on a conscious level.

Marina at River Place, Portland, Oregon

Image by Barbara Torris
There are two hotels in this location. RiverPlace Hotel is located at the north end of the promenade. Residence Inns is probably the more affordable of the two and is located at the south end...under the freeway that flies across the sky in the background of the picture above.

I just thought you would want to know!

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