Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Car or Rv In Storage...you can save on insurance. But if you don't ask, they won't tell!!!

While we're far from home the other car sits waiting...and insured to the max. Or it used to be. Now we know better.

Tortilla Flats on the Apache Trail, Arizona.

You've all seen that commercial where the man offers the little girl a horse and when she accepts, he gives her a plastic horse. She loved it until the man gave her friend a real horse. When she says, "You didn't tell me I could have a real horse" he answers, "You didn't ask!"

So this is the way our insurance company operates. We have GMAC insurance on our two automobiles. I suppose the rates are comparable with other companies but we are finding there is more to those policies that we realized. The problem has been "We didn't ask...and they didn't tell"

We are just now discovering after 12+ years of travel that we could have put our extra car on a "storage option" and would have saved
several hundred dollars over that number of years . But, when you read the information, there is no mention of this option...none that we could find anyway.

Snowbirds, if you are traveling south and leaving one car at home in the garage, put it on the storage option. If you fly home for a holiday, you should be able to call and have it insured for the 10 or 14 days that you use it and then put it back on the storage option again. When it is being stored, you are left with only comprehensive insurance but don't pay for collision or any of the other coverage you need when you actually take it back out on the road. You can also do this with your motor home if you store it for long periods of time.

I just thought you would want to know.

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  1. nice blog n nice to meet u,hai friend i would like to show u my childrens video & photo, very sweet ;-)

  2. nice blog n nice to meet u,hai friend i would like to show u my childrens video & photo, very sweet ;-)


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