Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tucson, Arizona Day on the Golf Course

Sometimes the ghost of the moon peeks over the top of the Rincon Mountains during daylight hours.  When you click on the image and it appears in full scale, you will be able to see the moon in the middle just above the horizon.  Today it was just too beautiful not to photograph.  I would love to catch it at sunset when the mountains have that beautiful pink hue.  Erika Jean has one on her blog and I am very envious.

In Tucson the mountains that surround us are listed in alphabetical order going clockwise around beginning with the Catalinas in the north.  The list reads like this:  Catalina, Rincon, Santa Ritas and the Tucson Mountains.  The views are gorgeous as the sun goes down.  The mountains turn from pink to purple.  Even though it may be very warm in the afternoon, by the time the sunsets this time of year, it will be in the low 60s. 
Today we played golf at the Forty Niner Country Club on the east side of Tucson.  This course was once home to the Tucson Open. While not a pristine resort course like that found at Arizona National, it is still a wonderfully challenging course.  We have a Wildcat Card and the one we purchased gives us 7 rounds of golf plus one for my husband's birthday.  We can use the card at a number of courses in Tucson and in Green Valley during November through January and again later in the spring.

The pictures I have posted here today were taken on the golf course.   Houses that have been built on the course are for the most part in the Santa Fe style.  The one your see pictured above was  beautiful.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday week...Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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  1. I never know which mountains are which besides the Catalinas and Safford peak!. Thanks for the little trick ;-)

    That is a beautiful house! Thought I worked at a golf course for 2 years, I don't know much about it - but your post reminds me it is a good time of the year to get out and hit the driving range!! I think I'll go this weekend ;-)

    Thanks for the link!


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