Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gratitude can overcome pain...really!

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Living with pain is a part of the challenge of being alive.  The old joke was the patient saying to the doctor "When I raise my arm like this it really hurts!" and the doctor saying "Don't raise your arm like that!"

I have many friends that have lost strength in arms, hand, legs and in their body core because it hurts when they move this way and that.  I found last year after joining a Curves program that strength can be regained and skills that were forgotten can be relearned.

As a result of this I have come to the conclusion that avoiding the pain is not a good thing.  I think that if you are not injured by a movement that may cause a little pain,  you should just get up and move.  Divert your mind when you get out of bed by thinking about what you are grateful for and then get up and moved.  You will find that you do not remember the small pain, your body gets stronger and you feel better.

When you turn over in bed, lead with your arm and leg.  Do the same when you get up from a chair...with the arms out and one leg a little back.  Follow your head to a standing position.

Above all do not avoid pain.  Gratitude will get you through.

Just a Sunday thought...if a movement hurts, move anyway.   If a movement could injures you, don't move.  It is as simple as that.
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