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How to Retire! Tuscon, AZ -> Portland, OR Life Style Information

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So you want good information on buying a new home or moving to a new location. I think you might wonder what cities have to offer and how much housing might cost.  I cannot give you all the information you might need but I can send you to some links that might help you find what you want.  That is what this blog is all about.  Come back often or subscribe to the link so an email will be sent to you when a new blog is posted.  Go back through the archives to find information on RV Travel, park model living and condo Portland, Oregon AND in Tucson, Arizona.  Travel with me around the world.  Take a few minutes and read!


Today I found a Twitter page called LocalMoTuc that invites you to ask questions about Tucson, AZ.  You can also subscribe to other cities on their home page and maybe get some of your questions answered.  If you are a Twitter user, this might be a good one to follow.  The site is fairly new so we may have to wait a while for it to get up a running but just put create a list. and then check back occasionally. I have lists for bloggers, family, tech twits and even the news.  While I like to follow my twitter account, some tweeter post too many time every day!  Please be sure and check the links in the sidebar.  Follow me on Twitter!


Here in Portland the weather is very Christmas like.  We are back home in our condo for the Christmas holiday.  Tucson <-> Portland is the perfect combination for Snow Birds.  It works for those that live in the south and travel north in the summer or those of us that escape to the south in the winter.  Bicyclist, golfers, hikers all find the perfect combination in these two cities.


If you are looking to buy in these cities you will find life in Tucson very affordable. Senior citizens/boomers are in 7th heaven when they arrive from the cold, cold north.  The sun shines....a lot.  RV and mobile home parks provide the perfect second home.  Recreation is the name of the game for retirement living and we think we have found the perfect place.  We live in a resort called Rincon Country East where we own a small park model over looking the desert and the mountains.  I know for a fact that you can own one of these little jewels for less than $9000...a lot less.  CALL  JACK TAM for more information. [(520) 955-3673]

Here in the Portland Metro area the prices on home and condos are down because of the economy.  We own a condo (more information here) a short walk from a light rail transit...just far enough away so we cannot hear it.  We will need to sell soon because we are aging and our condo is a three story unit.  It is so beautiful we hate to sell but we will probably move to a one level condo or loft in the area.  (email for more information).  The unit next door is for sale at a little over $310,000 furnished.  We will sell for less than that I am sure!!!


So tonight I will fix my world famous spaghetti sauce and maybe a batch of Tom and Jerry mix.  Condo neighbors can come and have a cocktail or we can wander out to our neighborhood restaurant for a martini.  I can buy a few groceries at our beautiful New Seasons grocery store and pick up my mail in the ajoining mail room.  I may pick up a bouquet of flowers for my table and a beautiful bottle of wine.  The walk through our beautiful neighborhood will be good for me.

Did I mention...I love my life!!!


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