Thursday, February 25, 2010

Retirement...a day in the life! Free steak, recipes and a good rant!

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Chefdruck Musings....I love beef...especially if it is free.  Do you love beef, especially if it is free?  Go to the link I have provided, follow the instructions, and wait to see if you might win a gift certificate for Omaha steaks.  I did.  

Chefdruck Musings also features a Foodie Blogroll in the sidebar with lists of giveaway contests for food, books, etc.  I have applied for this list for this blog but I am not sure I will be allowed to post it.  In the mean time go to the chef's blog to enter other contests.  

Free beef...nummanum!


I am home in Portland (Hillsboro, Oregon).  I live in a neighborhood designed for living without a car.  I can walk to a grocery store, Starbucks, a kitchen store (Kitchen Kaboodle) and several restaurants.  They are very social places, not quiet nor boring!  They are like our home away from rooms of sorts.   I love that!

So why do people (women in particular) think that places that we consider to be our living rooms are a good location for an interview?  Interviewing a prospective employee within earshot of everyone in the neighborhood is not an acceptable thing to do.  Go to an office or even a private room in the library, which incidentally also has a coffee shop.  We don't want to listen to a prospective employee bare their soul.  PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!  DON'T DO THAT!

FOOD CHOICES...fresh salmon!

I walked to our New Season's grocery store yesterday and picked up a couple of salmon fillets for dinner for my son's family.  The fillets cost me around $8.00 a pound.  The fillets were frozen but they were also wild Alaska I suppose.  I thought it was a very good price for the best salmon around.  (New Season's is a gourmet grocery chain comparable to Whole Foods but smaller and owned locally.)    For my son I placed the salmon in foil pouches, seasoned with the Montreal Seasoning and topped with sliced lemon.  They will bake the salmon at 350 degrees about 20 minutes or until the salmon is done.The lemon is even wonderful when I create this simple, simple recipe.  

I like to cook my salmon in a small toaster oven. Remember I am retired and I only cook for my husband and myself.  I squeeze lemon over the top, season with Montreal Seasoning (excellent stuff) and bake on a rack for about 20 minutes...until the fish flakes.

We are spoiled here in the northwest...the fish is always so fresh.

Incidentally, if you are retired and there are only two or one of you, BUY A GOOD TOASTER OVEN!  It well be the best purchase you ever make.  Cooking small is no reason to give up wonderful recipes!  


If you are interested in something you don't see on the blog, let me know.  There is nothing like hearing the information from the "horses mouth".  I live in Oregon and have all my life.  I am retired and live in an award winning neighborhood with condos, cottages and brownstone/work-live homes.  I also am a snowbird that spends 6 mo. in Tucson AZ. in a RV resort.  I live very "small" in the desert.  Maybe I know something that might help you make retirement decisions.  I would like to write without guessing what you want to know.

Have a wonderful day!


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