Friday, March 5, 2010

Anna's Hummingbird...fighting for sugar!

Anna's Hummingbird
Ruby-throated hummingbird public domain USFWAImage via Wikipedia     Ruby-throated Hummingbird
We have a hummingbird feeder just outside our living room window. Two hummingbirds have claimed it as their own.  If you understand these little creatures, you will know that war is the game they love more than any other.  One is a Ruby-throated Hummingbird and the other has red feathers around the side of it's head and is called Anna's Hummingbird.  The Anna's Hummingbird will sit on the railing of the feeder so we can get a "birds eye view" of all the red feathers.  When this bird is feeding the other will dive bomb the feeder and the game of war is on.  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird will even fly at us as we change the feeder water or even if we stand too close.  What these little creatures don't have in size they make up for in aggression.  I have jumped in the air several times when this bird caught me unaware. 

We also have a very large Saguaro Cactus outside the window.  Cactus Wrens and Woodpeckers make their home amongst it's thorns. Each time we wander outside we are treated a bird theater performance.  I love that part of being in the Arizona desert. 

There are several kinds of hummingbird feeders available.  Our first feeder attracted the bees in Arizona africanized bees (killer bees) are a problem.  We don't encourage bees.  We visited a local bird shop and found a feeder that discouraged the bees because it does  not leak sugar water.  It is called the Aspects - 12oz HummZinger Ultra I also bought a beautiful bee trap that made out of pink glass.  The bee trap is simply a bottle with a cork in the top, a lip around the inside bottom and a hole in the middle of the bottom.  It works like a charm.  The bees climb inside to feed on the sugar water inside and cannot find an escape route.  Evidently they don't fly down with ease. 

My grandmother's name was Anna...the hummingbird that carries her name is as beautiful as she was.

Have a wonderful day.

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