Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are You a Turtle?

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When a neighbor asked me recently if I was a Turtle, I looked myself up and down.  MMMMMMM...I don't know, am I?  I'm a small town girl and have been the source of great teasing fun during my lifetime.  But I am no dummy and learned long ago that what I don't know can make everyone in the room laugh!  I hate when that happens.  I am careful about my answers. 

It seems that, if I had been in the know or even a few years older, I would have known that a Turtle is a high minded individual that never answers an off color riddle with a vulgar answer even if the riddle seems to demand it.  Men and women have been giving the correct answers since WWII when bomber pilots in England began the club to relieve the tension of their life and to get reduced prices on pints of beer in an English pub.  A variety of reasons for the choice of name are given...some high flown and some vulgar.

There are no dues or constitution.  The idea I suppose is that people simply have a little fun.  If you are a Turtle or decide to join a group at your local faternal organization, you are in the company of presidents, astronauts and veterans around the world.  Wikipedia is a great source of information. 

Are you are Turtle?  You bet your sweet ass I am! So you see I have learned the correct answer.  At least I won't look too foolish in the company of all those people that are in the know!

Please have a wonderful day.

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