Sunday, June 27, 2010

Small Space Living, Life Swap Thoughts + pictures by a 2 year old!

I love this image too...but most condos
 (Orenco Station, Hillsboro, Oregon)
 will not let you hang things on the siding! Sigh! 
      I have rediscovered the joy of living in our condo.  The small space here requires some self control...we cannot possess every goody in the world.  Still, we managed to find a condo with three outdoor areas...plenty to satisfy our need for plants in pots and then some.  We also found a place with only two bedrooms, no family room or laundry room.  Because the space is used so wisely we have a large kitchen open to a spacious dining area.  We also have a loft office area that is just the right size with a small laundry area tucked in a hallway.  The bedrooms are very roomy and we have two complete baths.  We have eliminated a great deal of furniture over the last 9 years we have lived here.  When we down sized, we managed to cram a great deal of stuff in this space.  Over the years we have weeded out and learned to live with a great deal less.  Small space living fits us so perfectly that when we go to Tucson to live in the winter, our small park model does not feel cramped.  All the necessities are there and that is what we are all about these days.  
A mint plant chandelier!
     I love the post at Apartment Therapy this week about high impact potted plants.  Because I have rediscovered houseplants this summer, it fit right into my state of mind.  This image from Martha Stewart shows how to keep edible plants within easy reach. Mint plants strung together are Martha's version of a chandelier.   You will find instruction at the link. Remember, mint should always be in a pot unless you want your garden overrun with mint.  It is very invasive and can be hard to eradicate.  But isn't this too for your ice tea hanging in a pot right over that chair you will sit in as you lounge and drink?
Apron from Anthropology
This kitchen needs some straightening up!
How tall is MOM?
     My granddaughter loves to take pictures...she is two!  So, when she gets a grip on my camera, her mother follows her around and she snaps the memory card full of images. She loves to look at the screen on the back and see what she has captured.  Last year, when she was one, I posted her picture of the inside of her nose.  This year her skills have improved a great deal...she actually knows which way to point the camera. 

     The ideal life would be one that when asked, "if you could swap lives with someone, would you do it?" you answered "no". I will admit that there have been times when life has seemed just too hard but it has never, never occurred to me that I might want to swap lives with someone. I guess I have always felt that my life was of my making and, if I were to swap with someone else, it would still be mine.
      I just told my husband that I felt like I was on vacation...had we gotten in the car and gone somewhere? But then we are retired and, believe it or not, I wake most morning thinking what can we do today that is fun!  I am not talking about spending money or traveling to Spain...I am talking about walking to market or planting a flower or even caring for a grandchild.  I joke about cleaning the bathtub for the 4000th time but actually I love to do that sort of thing.  We have to admit that it is nice to do a job and see something shine when we are done.  Most of what we do does not give us that satisfaction. No life swap for me, thank you. A house swap...well that might be an option.  


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  1. you are vey wise. accepting who and what we are is smart. If we try to make orselves better in some small each day we will heve made the perfect swap.

  2. The two year old looks like a budding photographer!


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