Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Hostess Gifts + more...some on the cheap!

     One of my favorite websites comes from out of Canada. Style At is very cool. True we have a lot of great stuff in the states but when it comes to style, I think Canada may be the place to start looking. As I was roaming around today looking for what was up with our northern neighbors, I found a few items I want to share but with a few twists.
     We all know life is about eating, sleeping and shopping…not necessarily in that order. Here is what I found:
Black on White Tea Towel...I would buy these!
Tea Towels…I know,   most people think of these as left over bits and pieces of cloth kept in the bottom drawer laying unused because we all seem to have a dishwasher. But the thing is I love beautiful towels in the kitchen. They are like curtains! These little towels are printed black on white and sport some very trendy  images. “Ferm LIVING’s tea towels will match almost any kitchen, maybe adding a little retro kitsch.” When you go to the website you will find they are available in the states even though the website is European. 

Cloth Napkin Suggestion

Ideas for Hostess gifts   I  think that a simple hostess gift never goes out of style. Even our family loves a little gift in return for a dinner gathering or a barbeque. The website had 10 wonderful ideas. I have taken those that I really liked and suggest alternatives.    For example:
  • They suggested beautiful cloth napkins. I would bring the hostess paper napkins…Tuesday Morning has some of the most gorgeous paper napkins at a very reasonable price.  I personally love this type of hostess gift...thoughtful but not over whelming.
  • Another suggestion was a Williams-Sonoma ice cream scoop at $20. While we may be able to afford this option, I am sure something a little more reasonable could be found and decorated with raffia and a tag.  Target as some wonderful products. What a clever idea! 
  • They also suggested Linen Waters. In case you didn’t know, linen water is  scented water you place in a spray bottle and use as moisture when you iron linens. The product they suggest cost $22 per liter at Lothatique. But I found a website that tells how to make your own.  
Linen Water at $22 per bottle
Sprinkle on sheets or other linens to freshen.  Spray onto linens before ironing.
1 teaspoon (100 drops) lavender essential oil
5-10 drops peppermint, spearmint or rosemary essential oil (optional)
2 oz. 80+ proof vodka
24 oz. distilled water
Pour essential oils and vodka into a bottle, cap and shake to emulsion.
Mix with distilled water.
The mix will cloud, and eventually separate.
Shake well before each use.
  • The last idea that caught my eye was a collection of grilling rubs…now this seems just perfect. Their suggestion was the mini set sold by Williams-Sonoma and the cost was $22. However  Barbeque Smoker posted this recipe along with some others that could be bottled and given as a gift.  Attaching the recipe is always a winner.
1 tsp of:-Cayenne Pepper
• Salt
2 tsp of:-
• Dried chili flakes
• Paprika
• Ground black pepper
4tsp of:-
• Muscovado (soft brown) sugar
Just rub it on your chicken. Skin on or skin off if you’re going to be really healthy, it’s just as good either way. You can use it on other meats as well.
Sometimes I forget the simple social graces in the rush to get things done.  Our informal lifestyle doesn’t help at all. Next time I am invited to a party I am going to make the effort to let the hostess know how much I appreciate the invitation.

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