Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Portland Metro Back Roads + A Rural Golf Course

Portland Style....Purses from NW 23rd, Portland Oregon
Portland is all about Portland Style...here is an example 
of some time spent in the 
Portland Metro Area

I have had company.  Don't you just love to have company...you get so see your life through another's eyes.  That is what happened to us this last week.

We live in Hillsboro, Oregon near one of the very large Intel Campuses.  Our parkways are mowed and beautiful trees stud the landscape.  Our neighborhood is a planned community with a grocery, kitchen story, three restaurants and a Starbucks.  We walk to and from our mail room next to the grocery and stop for a cup of coffee.  While we take our small condo for granted, our company made us stop and appreciate what we have.

We took them golfing at a golf course a few minutes west on Highway 26.  It was located near a small community called Banks.  Quail Valley Golf Course is a great little gem of a course with 18 holes and is par 72.  It is set in the countryside and we could see vineyards, beautiful farms and clover fields.  A soft rain fell for a short period but the day was so warm and inviting.  This is the kind of weather we have here in Oregon in September and early October.

The variety of routes that we can take to get to downtown Portland make a day trip feel like a real get away.  It takes us less than 30 minutes.  We had decided visit NW 23rd Avenue and the trendy shops that line it.  The neighborhood between NW 21st Ave. and NW 23rd Ave. is known as the Nob Hill Historic District.  To go into the city I chose Cornell RD going west.  This route takes you directly to the south end of 23rd Ave. and parking near Legacy Emanual Hospital is plentiful.  Cornell turns into Lovejoy Street when you get to the east side of the hill.  We then walked up the street to Papa Hayden's Restaurant where we scored outdoor seating.  Then we went shopping for purses!!!  Let me tell you, if you want wonderful shopping at delightful little shops, the Nob Hill District is the place for you.

Heading back home we decided to go south on 23rd Ave. until we hit Burnside St..  This route going west takes you through a fairy land of trees and moss.  I felt a little like I was showing off.  But I think everyone had a wonderful time.  I guess the old adage "if you've got it flaunt it" would apply in this case.  We live here but I felt like I was on vacation too!

I love having company!


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