Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Style....How to dress for travel!

I was writing a blog yesterday about having company. Friends from Great Falls, Montana and Sumner, Washington came to visit us here in the Portland Metro Area for 5 days of talk, shopping and discussion.  I found myself thinking about style and how it fits in a travelers life.

Arizona Inn...Tucson, Arizona
Sunset Over the Desert

Cow Girls at Tanque Verde Ranch
For example, when my husband and I return from Tucson, Arizona sunshine to our beautiful northwestern USA, we are always surprised by how different the two styles are.  In Tucson we wear the colors of the desert...cactus green, terra cotta and sand stone accented with turquoise, sunset oranges and of course yellow...lot's of yellow.  We always wear sandal and if it is cold we wear long pants.  Cowboy boots and blue jeans are always in style...Arizona is dude ranch country.   We feel comfortable in those colors and styles because they reflect the natural beauty of the area, the life style of it's people and the climate.

Oregon beach Nasturtiums in bloom.
Here in Portland we are more subdued.  Blacks, browns, moss greens with splashes of primary colors fill our closets.  Classic styles, hiking clothes and sensible shoes fill our closets.  People in Portland tend to put shorts on as the calendar changes without regard for the weather.  In the heart of the city tailored suits and trendy "dressy clothes" are the order of the day.  I have gone downtown for lunch in the fall in my "Arizona" colors...I really did feel out of place.  Even the young people with orange hair and black lips turned to see if I had landed from outer space!

Icy cold Pacific waters.

If I were to travel to Paris I would do a little looking around online to see what they are wearing.  I am a people watcher and love to catch an image of someone or somethings without being noticed.  Dressing in open toed shoes and teal green in the wrong place does not allow that to happen.

Really, I do not want to look like a clown!!!  REALLY!!

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