Friday, October 15, 2010

Arizona and Living in the "Doll House"...Apartment Therapy helps!!

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I loved this image from Apartment Therapy DC. The article called Pong's Punch of Color Pad they tell about the 568 square foot studio apartment that Pong calls home.  You really should take a look at it.   It is the perfect example of what you can do with a little imagination and not much money.  The picture frame painted the same color as the flowers and table made with two sawhorse and a door or what ever you have are the perfect restrained accent for this room.  This is very cool!


Sawhorses in the world of carpentry are made of two metal brackets with slots for two by fours.  You would need 4 brackets (two sawhorses) and 2x4s cut to the desired length.  Each sawhorse would require 4 legs and one 2x4 piece for the spine of the sawhorse.    You could add the door as I mentioned above or a glass top.  It would be very inexpensive and a great addition to an apartment or a first home.  The legs on the table above are quasi sawhorse.  Mother Earth News has plans for the "Worlds Best $6 Sawhorse".  You can go to your big box lumber store for the metal brackets or they are available on Amazon.   

I could not help notice the idea from Apartment Therapy Chicago from an apartment dweller.  This person had enough space to hang bikes on the wall by the wheels with the seats out into the really did make such a wonderful statement.

You really should link to this website or their blog.  I am always so inspired.  Incidentally they run contests and you can enter and maybe your small space will be featured.  Behr is running a contest called Room for Color 2010 and by going to the website and choosing your favorite rooms you can enter the contest.

It rained here in Arizona this evening.  The temperature was around 80, a storm moved in and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in 5 minutes.  Of course the wind blew like crazy but it smells so beautiful now.  We just came back this morning and it was a lovely way to begin our 6 months in Arizona.

Be well and come on back soon.


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