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Worldmark Resorts! Mid Century Modern Mecca...Palm Springs!

World Mark, Palm Springs, Ca

At a website called Vacation Palm, all things mid century modern are on their minds.  It seems that Palm Springs is the mecca for lovers of the style both in architecture and interior design.  During an event in February called Moderism Week, lovers of the era come to see what is going on in the mid centruy modern scene around Palm Springs.

We are in Palm Springs for a couple of nights on our way to our little home in Tucson.  My husband indulges me every time we travel this route even though it means a 2-3 hour trip through Los Angeles traffic.  We are owners in a World Mark Resort (Worldmark by Wyndham)  so we take advantage of our bonus time and book a room for around $60 a night in the condo resort.  The resort is beautifully appointed (5 Star) and this ownership is one of the few good deals left in this type of vacation timeshare...or at least I think so.  I say that because it is still not playing with the big boys and use is not overwhelming.  The rooms stay very nice and we can always find a place to stay. 

From Nood Furniture and Design

While I am at it I might as well tell you that of all the Work Mark Resorts, Palm Springs World Mark is my favorite.  The design is mid century modern and the lobby has all the windows with a staircase featured in the middle that earmarks that type of decor. It is relatively small and not over crowded during the week .  On the other had it is busy enough to make you feel that you are in a place where people come to play.  The pool is 2nd to none and, if you score one of the room in the back that lead directly out onto the pool, you will think you have died and gone to heaven!!!  I love it!!! 

 In the link from Vacation Palm Springs called Shopping Mid Century Modern they touted a recent visit from Martha Stewart.

"When Martha Stewart most recently visited Palm Springs in Spring 2009, she paid homage to the owner of the Galleria building by visiting his shops and the owner's private residence, too. The Galleria shops of Palm Springs are an absolute gold-mine treasures for designers, mid-century modern enthusiasts, vacationers, Palm Springs locals, collectors as well as casual shoppers strolling along Palm Canyon Drive. Located near the popular Blue Coyote Restaurant."

 Our resort is located a few blocks from The Galleria and Blue Coyote Restaurant.  If it were not going to be over 100 today, we would walk down.  We did have dinner at Blue Coyote last night...we sat on the front patio under the stars.  It is one of those places that will let you be in the front row or in a romantic back corner.  You get to pick!

I will shop a bit today for a treasure or too.  Palm Springs really is very affordable in it's own strange way.  I visited a wonderful shop this morning that sold everything for $16...bling is the thing for a night in Palm Springs.   People come here to "be stylin' " as a friend once said to me.  You can drive by Bing Crosby's old house or see Bob Hopes mid century modern that sits high on the hill.  Stars in the sidewalk honor everyone from a chimpanzee to Doris Day.  Ghosts walk the street at night and it feels as though the melody of Thanks for the Memories is being whispered in your ear.

Did I mention "I love Palm Springs?"

b  (Barbara)

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  1. I love how much Mid Century design is throughout the Palm Springs area. I visit so frequently that I've decided to start looking at Mid Century homes for sale in Palm Springs, that way I always have a place to stay. My sister, who's retiring and I are going to go in on a house together, so I'm sure we'll both find something we love. She likes things a little more modern and I like Mid Century, but I think we’ll be able to find a place with both aspects- plus we can add elements when we decorate. Palm Springs has so much to offer for shopping for d├ęcor- we can’t wait plus we love the weather there!


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