Monday, October 11, 2010

Yamhill Valley Vineyard Groupon coupons today....+ geo caching! Portland Metro Area

I am just learning to check on these Groupon coupons.  There are some great deal for local activities, services and products.  I miss a coupon for new glasses at Lens Crafter's that was a very good deal!  Darn!  Today when I opened my email this is what came up.  Yamhill Valley Vineyards is offering a $20 bottle of wine plus a $5 wine tasting for $12.  That is a very good deal given the beautiful backroad trip you can take.  Get on your rain coat, it is not cold, get in the car and enjoy this beautiful fall day.  The air smells like green growing things!  You will love it.
You can couple this with a little if you are into that sort of thing.  I hear there are several geo chaches in the area so check that out online to see if it is true.  I am all for multi-tasking when it is possible!
We are traveling south tomorrow and will spend a couple of night in Palm Springs at our World Mark membership facility on Palm Canyon Drive very near down town.  I love this stop.  We have breakfast at a wonderful place on mainstreet that has outdoor seating and the ghost of Sonny Bono wandering around.  :)
Have a wonderful day.
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