Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to...Sawhorse Table Examples and Links

Image from Habitually Chic.  Photo of Todd Romano Showroom at the Fine Arts Building, Los Angeles

I wrote last week about a table made with saw horses (Living in a Doll House)....here is the upscale version of that table.  If you look at this closely you will see that it is put together with pipe fittings.  I think it is absolutely gorgeous. 

The outdoor version from RE-Nest
I found this one on Re-Nest.  They are using it outdoors as a dining table. Sara Rae Trover wrote the article about the many uses of sawhorses.  She said:
We've used saw horses for everything from tables to kitchen counters in the past and they've always served us very well. But with Fall in full swing and the days growing shorter, it's a good time to remember to make the most of the daylight and warmth you have and get outside. Try this quick idea to make an outdoor dining area that can be disassembled for the winter months.

Anna White table!
On a website called Anna White you will find the plans for making sawhorses that look like the one shown here. In fact this is a very cool website with more projects for those of you that like to "how to do-it-yourself". 

I just thought you would want to know....


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