Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thoughts on High Blood Pressure, Dark Chocolate, pointy people and Digg!

How pointy are you?
You would think that once you have retired and settled on a second home in a warm climate, you would have it all solved.  Perfect weather, hobbies, and a plan that can be replicated year after yet.  Still, I find people are discontented and always looking for something just a little better/bigger/greener.  Isn't that interesting?

Does it ever end?  Do we ever really, really grow up?  I am beginning to wonder.  As I have said so many times before...just because we get older does not mean we become sweet, cute or settled!  In fact all the sharp and pointy things about our personality become more so.  It is just a fact of life.

Do You Like Dark Chocolate?
I have some good news for is really true.  Dark chocolate will lower blood pressure!  I saw it on the web so it must be so.  To be right honest with you I don't even care if it is a lie.  I like dark chocolate...a lot.  The Aussies are advised to eat a whole bar of dark chocolate which made me want to move there.  Then I read that American doctors say it may only take about a square of dark chocolate to get the job done.  Now, really, is that right?  American's are such spoil sports when it comes to things that taste good.  Anyway you can check it out on the Sun Sentinel website.

What is Digg? +a little education about this blogger and the blog.
Here in the blog world there is a site called Digg.  Some blogs have it at the bottom of their blogs.  My Digg button is in the ShareThis pop up window...the button is found in the footer.  So what does that mean?  Well, believe it or not, those of us that write for a blog depend on you, our readers, to tell us what you do and do not like or even what you would like information on.  That is what the comment button is for.  The Digg button is just a way of supporting you local blogger and maybe helping them get a few more readers.

Picture of the ShareThis button at the foot of the blog.
Actually the website for Digg is very interesting.  It can tell you what the hot topic for today is and how many people thought those topics were worth passing on to someone else.  Like my free blog, it is just there for the using.  

I write on a free blog but I pay in a way.  In order for my time to be well spent, I have to do research for subjects and keep up with those things I think might interest you.  Your way of paying me, the blogger, for my time is to comment, Digg my work, tweet or post to your Face Book account.  The ShareThis button makes it all so very easy.  It also helps if you take a look at the ads that surround my writing.   So, you see, nothing is really free anymore.

Thank you!
Thank you for stopping by.  Leave your url if you have a blog or business and I will visit you.  If you are just an interested reader, go to the foot of the blog and comment or Digg a post that you enjoyed.  I will do the same for you.

I just thought you might be interested.

Have a great Sunday!


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