Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wine of the Week...Retire in Style

I wanted to tell you about this great bottle of wine we ordered for my birthday.  We had dinner at a place in Tucson AZ called The Old Pueblo Grill.  The Grill is owned by the McMahon family of restaurants.  I had gone to a wine tasting at one of their other restaurants and tasted some wonderful wines.  Among those that were available on that day,  a California wine from the makers of the Snap Dragon wines stood out from all the rest.

It was my day so I was given the privilege of selecting the wine for our table.   The Snap Dragon wine was listed so I was thrilled.  I ordered the Snap Dragon California Cabernet Sauvignon for $27 a bottle.  It was wonderful!  As it turns out, the wine had been chosen as The Wine of the Week by the Las Vegas Review Journal last April.  

Not that I am bragging but it was a very good choice. 

I just thought you would want to know.

I did not know they made an electric wine opener...I want one of those for Christmas!  

We own the wine aerator at by was a gift.  I do think it improved the flavor of a young wine. 

I think the Wine Gum would be a great gift for the boss or a co-worker...not too personal but still classy!
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