Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to buy for a spoiled relative!

Or better yet buy her Jockeys!
This is the story I have heard over and over. Your Aunt Fiona does not like anything.  She will actually send the gift you...demanding a different size/color/pattern.  Aunt Fiona has been driving you crazy for years.  Because she is an important person in your life or that of your family, you keep trying to get it right.  Better chocolate, red sweaters (she hates purple) or a pair of slippers that don't fly off/make her feet hot.  I understand that you have made an effort. I do feel for you.  So I have been looking around for a way to resolve this issue.  Today I discovered that my grandchildren have come up with the perfect solution.

Each of the oldest grandchildren have friends of the opposite sex.  It just seem right that they exchange gifts but they have no idea WHAT to do.  A serious gift says more than they want.  A thoughtful gift can be misinterpreted.  Then there is the money to be considered...they don't have any.  Like your Aunt Fiona, the perfect gift just doesn't appear to be possible.  So they made the decision to just buy a bad unwanted gifts to begin with.  They did not even try to get it right and saved themselves a lot of time and grief.  A girlfriend that hates pink got a huge bag of pink stuff.  A boyfriend that thinks Snuggies are dumb and did not want a leopard print anything is guessed it...a leopard print Snuggies.  You get the idea.

So Aunt Fiona wherever you are, you have pulled your last gift nightmare Christmas cheer heist.  You are getting slippers from the "no return store".  They are hot and will not stay on your feet.  You are invited to donate the gift to a worthy charity.  I am suggesting that your family give up!!!


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