Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to: Shopping the Coupon (Groupon) Way

Groupon logo.Image via WikipediaToday was such a huge Christmas shopping day I don't even know where to begin.  Please keep in mind that I did reveal my son's present on yesterday's blog...he has been banned from looking at Facebook and I am in the dog house.  OOOOPs!!! So when I write today I will try not to let anymore gifts out of the bag.

My husband went shopping for eyeglasses today.  He wanted to use his Groupon coupon..  He paid $50 for a $150 coupon at The Sight Shop.  This chain of shops are located here in the Portland Metro area.  This is the way it worked...he bought the coupon online at the Groupon website and printed the coupon.  He went into the shop, found what he wanted and they printed up his receipt.  When he handed them his coupon, the $150 was subtracted from the bill.  I love a coupon that actually works! 

Signing up with Groupon is simple.   By going to the website, clicking on your city then entering your email address you can see what is available today.  If you complete the registration, you will receive daily updates.

Groupon must be a real winner...Google offered them $5.3 BILLION for the business and Groupon turned them down.  Could be they are sitting on a  gold mine.

I almost feel foolish when I don't have a coupon in hand when I go shopping or at least ask a clerk if they have one behind the counter.  My husband got a new shaft for a golf club head he owned.  The clerk came up with another 25% off when we asked if there was a coupon.  WOW! (Dick's Sporting Goods)

Isn't shopping fun???


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  1. Interesting....

    In Asia we just ask for a discount and walk away if they don't cut the price by 75%!


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