Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ann Landers and Me...a day in the life of a snowbird!

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The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you havent thought of yet. - Ann Landers

We played bocce ball today...our season began this week so we are all out trying to figure out how to play, again.  Yes I know we are getting smarter as we age and really there is no reason to shy away from learning a new skill.  The thing that drives me nuts is not knowing how to do something I already know how to do...if that makes any sense.

We are partners with another couple...Ken and Carole.  Carole is the "my friend Carole" I talk about so much.  She is funny but not really very quiet and she does talk a lot.  Even more than me I think.  If Ann Landers were still alive the saying I quoted above could have actually been about Carole and I.  We do drive people to distraction on the bocce ball court.  We are very good players sometimes and we do win.  Probably in a serious league we would be banned or something...we may be banned in our RV Resort.  Sigh!

Tomorrow I will play golf in a ladies league at our golf course that is very near by the RV park.  Fred Inke Tucson Public Course is very difficult so I don't know how it is going to be.  My friend Carole ask me what I was thinking!  Let me know that that works out, she said.  I am just a little afraid.   I don't know what the punishment for public embarrassment is...do your suppose they will yell at me?  Keep me in your prayers because I think I am going to need it!

I spent the morning trying to straighten out my Hubpages account so I could earn money on Google Adsense.  I am waiting for a reply to my email...I am hoping I didn't leave the poor people at Hubpages scratching their head.  I have not received a reply yet.  I am hoping that they understand that even though I am in my very late 60's I have not lost all my senses and am still a smart woman...my email may not have conveyed that message.  We will see.

A neighbor invited us over for a cocktail hour and we were invited to stay for soup supper...it was such a lot of fun.  They live in North Dakota very near where all the oil fields have come to life.  They have some very interesting stories about "Man Camps" and the influx of people moving in in the hopes of finding jobs.

A day in my life.  I will be back tomorrow...we will talk again then.


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