10 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life in Retirement - US News and World Report

This is a wonderful article from USNews.com.

 10 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life in Retirement - US News and World Report
"Like previous generations, boomer retirees are going to take up new hobbies and volunteer. But those who didn't save enough or choose to continue working will also start businesses and begin second careers. As life spans continue to increase, retirees are likely to embrace a mix of work and leisure activities."
Be sure to read it!

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  1. Good Morning Barbara,

    I know US News loves Top 10 lists for everything and they are fun to look at.

    But, I would suggest that the top place to reinvent your life in retirement is where you live right now. Solving a motivational or inspirational problem by moving is probably not going to work. Reinventing your life is primarily an internal process.

    Moving to a a better climate or so you are closer to family does make sense. I live in Phoenix because I hate the cold!

    By the way, I've always wanted to try living in an RV for an extended period like you did. I just can't convince my wife that it would be a good thing.

  2. I agree with you...we always go home to recharge and reconnect with our real life. However, if you have always dreamed of RVing (for example) you need to do it NOW. tic tock tic tock!

    Incidentally, my husband convinced me to RV when he took me to a place where there was no good coffee and the beds were hard. I let it slip that I wished I could take my own bed and coffee pot with me... we owned an RV within the month! Sigh! But I did love that time in our life.



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