Sunday, February 13, 2011

RV Resorts: Using the Laundry Facilities! (Humor)

Laundry hung over street in Shanghai, Chin
I am not a laundry room queen...if you have been traveling for a while and do not have a washer in your RV, you will sooner or later run into her...the queen that is.  She is in charge.  The queen will remove your laundry from the machine and leave it on a table or in a chair.  She will tell you how long your laundry has been on the table and ask why you were not there to take care of it. She is the queen.   Bless her little pea pickin' heart!

I, however, am the laundry room clown.  I don't do it purposely.  Who would want to be the clown?  Yesterday I headed off to the laundry will three small loads of wash.  In those loads I had a mattress pad, a set of sheets and assorted small items of clothing.  Simple...right?  I was planning on being done in about an 1hr  give or take a few minutes.  Three hours later I finally finished with my wash.  I had managed to do the following:
  • Pay twice for one load of laundry (not a good start).
  • Choose the machine that does not pump the water out for my mattress pad.  It weight 175 lbs. dripping wet when I drug it across the room to a different washer!
  • Go to the office and summon the repair man and the mop man and beg for my $2 back.
  • Use the $2 to wash the mattress pad again in a smaller washer.
  • Discover it was dirtier when it came out than when I put it in.
  • Watch as the repair man put a sign on the machine that said "Not working!" (I could have done that!)
  • Watch the mop man clean up.
  • Go home to eat lunch...wash was going on automatic by now.
  • Yell at my husband because I remembered that when he washed the day before he commented to a friend that he "didn't see what the problem was with me...he washed and everything when just fine".
  • Yell at him again when he said that he would have just hung the pad on the line wet...that is what the guy did yesterday with his rugs.
  • Yell at him again when I realized that he had know that the machine did not work, did not tell the office and let me go down there to such a day of misery.
  • Yell at him again when he tried to talk to me when I came home for the final time.
The people in the laundry room were in stitches by the time I left...Have a wonderful afternoon they snickered.  One woman even said she had a clock that always read 5 p.m. and a bottle of wine.  I almost followed her home!


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