Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arizona Inn in Tucson, AZ...seriously!

Arizona Inn at night!
We went out to dinner last night.  It was a special occasion so we wanted to celebrate in style.  And celebrate in style we did!!!  We drove across town to the Arizona Inn located just east of University of Arizona in a very old and stylish neighborhood.  If you take yourself very seriously, love old world service and world class food, this is the place for you.

Formal Dining Room
My husband had seen a restaurant.com coupon on the webs last spring.  The coupon was worth $50 if you purchased $100 in the restaurant.  It included wine, dessert and an entres.  We found that spending the $100 was no problem.  It was so nice to be served in the formal way for a change.  Wait staff catered to our whims and were close at hand at all times.  And the setting/ambiance is second to none.

The outside patio is available for breakfast and lunch.  Table here have an view of the gardens.

This is a AAA Four Diamond Fine Dining restaurant...you just can't go wrong.

Arizona Inn
2200 East Elm
Tucson, AZ 85719

If you have the Open Table app on your phone you can make reservations there or you can go to the website link above and you will find the Open Table reservation site in the sidebar.


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  1. We stayed there years ago when we lived in Tucson. It was a beautiful oasis near the medical center where my wife was having some tests done.

    I'm glad to see it is still every bit as nice.

  2. I is like entering a time capsule. We love it!


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