Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Invention Ideas for Retirees! Can you help?

It is very sad.  There is a need for some invention ideas.  We cannot find our glasses, the clicker for the TV or our favorite earrings. We go to the neighbors to have them call our cell phone so we can find it.  When we find it buried in the bed covers along with our earrings,  we wonder how in the name of heaven they ever got there.

I had a friend who thought she was developing alzheimer in her early 50s because she could never find her keys.  So losing things is a big problem.   We are lost, very very lost!

So, you inventions person you,  this is what we want you to do.  We need a "clapper finder device" for all those things we lose.  We can't have a device that turns on the beeper on our lost items because we will not be able to find it to press the button so we can find our lost that will not work.  We need to be able to clap our hands.  One clap for the clicker, two claps for our keys, three claps for the phone and so on.  Calling all inventors...will you please invent this for us?  Please!

While we're at it I may as well mention some other problems we have.  One friend has a husband that comes to her aid when she locks her keys in the car.  She has a key hidden under the fender but when she uses it to get her keys out of the car she forgets to put the fender key back.  She may need a different device but I thought I would mention her just in case.   Another friend cannot find her glasses even when they are on her face.  I will run all over the house trying to find my ringing cell phone only to discover it in my pocket.  I don't think there is any help for us.  But if you have any ideas we would appreciate your help with these problems too.

You may think I am joking...I am just a little but not entirely.  For every problem that seems laughable as we grow older there is a certain about of angst involved.  Though we may laugh, we still could use some help! We need inventions...lots of inventions! Thank you for your attention!


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