Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Gifts for Spring...just because!

I think Spring might be happening.  Here in Arizona Spring means 80 degrees and lots of sunshine.  Spring in Oregon mean 55 degree, rain, wind and beautiful flowers.  It is all relative.  In either case the feeling is the same...hopeful and happy!

We will be returning home soon and now I am beginning to think about our summer gift giving.    We are gone all winter and so birthdays and other small celebrations get neglected.  To make up for it, we have a huge "share a cake" celebration and everyone gets a gift.  It is like Christmas in the summer. I like that a lot.  I will shop mostly on Amazon so I signed up for their 2-3 day free shipping offer.  I can use the service for one month at no cost.  Free shipping is huge these day.

So here are 10 things I will be looking at for the family:
I saw these Zazzle shoes while we were on vacation last summer.  The
man that was wearing them was very proud
of his personal design.
  1. Puzzles...Amazon has  three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles that caught my eye.  A puzzle is perfect for children of all ages and our family loves to build puzzles at parties.
  2. Junior Circle Top blouse.  I think these little tee shirt blouses would be perfect for the teens or even preteens.  A Nordstroms ad showed these little tops with a long pendant type necklace...darling.  
  3. Flowered long scarves...featured by teen and a big favorite this season! Check out the websites for up scale teen styles and then replicate the look by ordering online.
  4. Gift card for Zazzle ...both boys and girls would love to design everything from their own shoes to their three ring binders and have them be delivered to the door.  The wonderful shoes are real eye poppers and prices starting at around $50!
  5. 10x makeup mirror...lighted of course.  The whole family would love one of these.  This mirror can save money for women on minor "beauty chores" and men will love them for shaving.  I would choose a portable one so we can travel with it.
  6. An invitation for a trip to the local nursery to shop for plants.  Spring calls for a country drive, lunch and a basket of flowers. (See Back Roads Near Portland Oregon)
  7. If the man in your life is a golfer, a sleeve of three Pro V One golf balls are always a winner...even if they say they want the cheap kind from the drug store.
  8. Cutter Buck has some beautiful golf sweaters...all men will love one of these whether they golf or not.
  9. Costume the southwest the cowboy is king so a cowgirl costume or a cowboy costume is the perfect gift from a returning snowbird grandparent.  Find one of those hats or fringed skirt so your grandchild can pretend to be a cowgirl or cowboy.
  10. A game...I think Taboo would be fun.  My grandsons love to play cards and games.  It never sees to get old.
 There you have it.  10 spring gifts...just because everyone like a present.

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    1. Don't you love that feeling of spring, when you can feel the sense of life waking up again from the winter (the long cold winter this year!). It fills me with such joy and optimism.


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